A Data Driven Way To See Your Business

A Data Driven Way To See Your Business

FRAGO is a deep learning platform that uses data engineering techniques to understand your customer with the data they generate in their interactions with your business. Data around what your customer buys, how often they make a purchase and how much they spend on each purchase etc. helps FRAGO’S AI to form a customer profile of each customer. This contextual understanding of each customer will help your business target them better.

Seamless Integration That Enhances Customer Lifetime Value

FRAGO’s data gathering technique is flexible and hence can be adjusted to suit a physical store or an online store or both with ease. The contextual understanding of your customer that FRAGO’s integration with your business will generate more revenue per customer over time. Increasing footfalls by personalized communication to each customer profile will help your business generate more revenue from existing customers.

Personalized Messaging To Each Customer Profile

Personalized Messaging To Each Customer Profile

FRAGO will use data engineering to build a customer profile for each of your customers. You can then approach each profile with a personalized message within minutes as per the needs of your business. The customer profile can be built around many different facets, say the customer demographics (age, gender, location etc) or how much they spend with the business monthly. Each profile can be targeted with a personalized communication that is tailored to their taste.

Take Your Social Media Game To The Next Level

Take Your Social Media Game To The Next Level

FRAGO can go through your business’s social media handles and track your customer’s engagement with your handles across social media. This will help you identify potential fence sitting customers, who might like your product but might have some reservations around it. These customers can be targeted specifically to translate into new sales.

Running Interactive Campaigns Through Conversational AI

You can run interactive campaigns on new product launches, campaigns to analyze how current products are perceived by your customers (product analysis) by directly interacting with your customers through FRAGO’s conversational AI based campaigns.

Know Your Business’s Performance In Real Time

FRAGO’s real time KPI plotting will update you on your business’s workings rite as they happen. This will help you in tracking important things like your business’s inventory, performance of individual store locations in real time. Strong insights on customer traffic, transactions, returns, sales etc. will help the business strategize ahead of time and will keep you on top of things as a business owner. Knowing the key indicators of your business in real time through easily understandable graphs will keep you miles ahead of the game.


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How does FRAGO achieve that?

decision making a

FRAGO maps acronymous, open ended text/numeric data together in a referenceable information sets to build the capability for future data driven decision making

FRAGO consolidates and filters these vast data sets into structured matrices which starts providing a consolidated view of useful business information

structured information a

This structured information set is then assessed by applying applicable business rules to gain input on key business metrics (eg Productivity trends, Customer stickiness index, Persona classification etc)

These key metrics are then complied in weekly/monthly/quarterly manner to provide reports to relevant stakeholders, to assess business performance across multiple touch points in an objective manner

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